Raise Your Glass: Where Bosses and Their Brave Employees Bid Adieu to Work Woes in 2023!

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Are you ready to bid farewell to deadlines, office drama, and that pesky photocopier that never seems to work when you need it to? Well, we’ve got just the solution for you! The end of the year is fast approaching, and that means one thing – it’s time to celebrate! Whether you’re a boss looking to treat your hardworking employees or an employee dropping hints to the higher-ups, we’ve scoured the city to find the perfect pub venues for your epic work breakup bash in 2023.

Why End-of-Year Celebrations Matter

Let’s face it, work breakups are a big deal. They mark the end of one chapter and the exciting beginning of another. It’s the time to let loose, unwind, and revel in the accomplishments of the past year. And what better way to do that than by throwing a party that will be talked about well into the new year?

Choosing the Perfect Venue

Picking the right venue is crucial to ensuring your work breakup bash is a roaring success. Luckily, we’ve done the legwork for you! If you prefer a classy affair with a sit-down style, look no further than our Private Mount Moriac Suite. With its elegant ambiance and top-notch service, it’s the ideal setting for a sophisticated celebration.

But if you’re more inclined towards a laid-back vibe where laughter flows as freely as the drinks, then our MT/YARDS + Garden bar is your ultimate destination. Picture this – twinkling fairy lights, a lively atmosphere, and a garden bar that’s perfect for mingling and making memories. It’s casual, it’s fun, and it’s everything you need to bid farewell to work stress in style.

Getting the Party Started

Now that you’ve found the perfect venue, it’s time to plan the ultimate party. Think signature cocktails that pack a punch, a dance floor where you can show off your best moves, and delicious bites that will keep you fueled for a night of celebration. Our expert team at Mount Moriac Pub knows how to throw a party that will leave your colleagues talking for months!

How to book

Ready to make your work breakup bash dreams a reality? Head to our website for all the information you need about our functions. From menu options to booking details, we’ve got you covered. If you have any specific queries or want to discuss your party plans in detail, don’t hesitate to give us a call at +61 3 5266 1372. We’re here to make sure your end-of-year celebration is nothing short of legendary!

So, bosses, employees, and everyone in between, get ready to clink glasses, hit the dance floor, and bid adieu to work worries at Mount Moriac Pub – where unforgettable memories are crafted, and good times are guaranteed. Here’s to a fabulous 2023 and a work breakup bash that will go down in office history!