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As of 11:59pm Thursday 21st October the Covid-19 Vaccination will be made mandatory to dine in at hospitality venues.

Patrons must be double vaccinated and staff must be shown proof of their vaccination cards. This is the government’s requirement as of Thursday. All bookings from Thursday will be contacted and notified of these changes to avoid any miscommunication on their arrival.

When making a booking you will be aware of this new requirement and for our online bookings, this will be updated and made a note of on our website. When entering our hotel you will be asked for the following;

•To be wearing a face mask

•Reservation name

•ID (postcode checking, this is still getting confirmed)

•Vaccine card (this can be shown on your myGov app)

A question you may all have is “are masks still mandatory?” Masks will still be made mandatory at the Mount Moriac Hotel, right now we are doing everything we can to help keep not only our staff and patrons safe but the community too.

We know this is a big change and there will be disagreements. If it was our choice we would have everything back to normal but right now we’re taking baby steps to keep everyone safe and healthy.

We hope you can understand that this is a government requirement by law and all hospitality venues need to comply.

Please be kind to one another and be patient with us when you come to our hotel when we are checking patrons in.

On a positive note, our capacity limits have increased!!

As of 11:59 pm Thursday 21st October, we can take up to 100 patrons outside and 30 patrons inside! The *2hr sitting times and deposits still apply*.

With this capacity increase, live music will be back in business as of the first week of November!! We’re all super happy with this and can’t wait!

If anyone has any questions, please read more here.

Be safe and we thank you for supporting our country pub during these times, we are so lucky to have you all!